Horses for Sale

Our breeding goal is to breed a character-strong, healthy horses that bring along the best conditions, both, as a leisure partner and in sport disciplines.

A noble, correct and powerful horse with sweeping, expansive, elastic movements that is due to its temperament, its character and its rideability suitable for riding purposes of any kind.

The basis of our breeding are therefore quality, well-selected mares and stallions and their mating!

Characteristics, movement, bloodlines are scrutinized, carefully selected and brought together. It is very important for us to do the right mating with specialized knowledge and to ensure optimal conditions in terms of coverage, pregnancy, foal birth and rearing.

Great emphasis is placed on the best possible rearing and keeping conditions for foals and adolescent horses to ensure a healthy physical and mental development. This includes the optimal feeding and care of our horses!!!

As in many other things in life, horse breeding pays off in a certain continuity and we always strive to do our best to continue to breed unique, wonderful, healthy, human minded, well behaved, balanced and unique “Morgan Horses”!

Family members, partners and friends for life – HEART HORSES
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Thank you!!!