Philosophy & Traits of character

A very important aspiration and concern for us is to regard and treat the living being- in this case our horses- as a whole.

The horse, seen and understood as an animal that escapes naturally, needs to understand human impulses and signals in order to develop “trust” in the “predator” human.

We pay close attention to the body language of horses in the herd. The greatest teachers are the horses themselves, as they can lead by smallest movements, looks or gestrures others to move or to calm down.

Our philosophy in this regard is to approach the horse as a human, to learn their language in a way that allows us to communicate with them in a natural and gentle way.

The alpha position of humans is tested every day and over again.

Morgan horses are very lovable and also very human-related. They have temperament (full -blooded) and stamina.

Morgan Horses are also late developers, that means, they are really fully grown up- mentally and physically- only at the age of about 8 years.

Morgan horses are something very special, they can be used for any discipline, have fun to work, want to please, are very willing to learn and if you speak their language they are very docile.

Morgan Horses do it all . . . and do it all well!

… that’s what they say and we can only confirm that!

They are horses for life with a beautiful soul and a big heart.

Once you have earned their trust, they become real friends, walking and following their humans through „thick and thin“. Even full-blooded and hot tempered, they are still reliable partners ready to accompany you on your ways.

*EMMH* Emperor Mountains Morgan Horses