How it all began…

my story with *EMMH* Morgan`s

Since 1996 we have our own horses and end of 2007 we first heard about Morgan Horses, a breed I didn’t even know at all until then.

Actually, we weren’t looking for new horses at that time; our 8 darlings needed our full attention (we thought that until then 😊). Curious and interested, we started looking on the internet to find out more about this breed – which was rather unknown and rare in our area.

YES, at that time, we really fell in love with these fascinating horses, who conquer the hearts of people because of their espirit, beauty and wonderful nature.

Only 2 months later (February 2008) we acquired our first Morgan Horse mare named “Richwood Foxy Charm”. At that time she was already in Austria and in foal sired from „Farceurs Falcon Morgan“ located in US.

Three months later we picked up “Farceur`s Austrian Cicky“ and “Farceur`s Austrian Spirit“, they were 8 and 6 months old.

A new adventure began!!!

In August 2008 our first Morgan Horse foal “EMMH Angelheart” was born and from that point on we knew that this breed will definitely have a promising future in Austria and in Europe generally!

Inspired by these unique and versatile horses also came the – then still a dare thought- possibly to breed professionally.

More and more often we started looking for a second young stallion with excellent and suitable genealogy. We had accurate ideas about pedigree, color and age – HE should be about 2-2.5 years old and a Palomino!

By “coincidence”- when we had almost given up searching- we found him in a mini advertisement in Thüringen (Germany)- a Morgan Horse stallion exactly according to our „dreams“!

Just three days later we picked him up … “Chisco`s Cloud“.

As it turned out, this boy had already become the“German Federal-Winner“ of the young stallions 2018. What a beautiful horse, and his character is really phenomenal.

With Cloud was also the *EMMH* – pronounced – Emperor Mountains Morgan Horse breed „BORN“!!!

Spirit and Cloud became excellent friends and had an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company as “young stallions” for almost 2 years.

In 2010 we decided to import 3 Morgan Horse mares from America for the enrichment of our EMMH breeding. Of course we were looking for first class ancestry and after a quite long research we decided on the excellent breeding – lines from California and Texas breeders:

  • „Regency Harvest Glory“
  • “MEMC Finer Things”
  • “Beholdadark Question”

We selected the right stallions in US and breed two of the three ladies sucessfully there. In August 2010 we finally were able to bring them „home“!

2016 we built a new stable and so we decided to bring some new bloodlines to Europe!

In October 2016 in total came 6 horses from Canada:

  • DM Aimee Farrah
  • Trust-T Honey-D
  • Marana Refiners Fire
  • Coulee Bend Quintessence
  • Coulee Bend Utopia
  • Coulee Bend with Bells on

Almost at the same time- actually exactly 1 month later- we were also allowed to welcome 5 horses from the USA:

  • RBD Adonis N Dun
  • RBD Truly a Satinka
  • RBD Thor Dun N Gold
  • Mulberry Sahalie
  • SFG Gunpowder Gray

2017 we were allowed to warmly welcome

  • Justin Dunna Know (half-sister of Marana Refiners Fire)

from England!

In March 2018 we decided to welcome 2 more mares from California to our family:

  • WTS Grin`n and Sin`n (half sister of our EMMH Magic Romeo)
  • WTS in Living Color

And finally (December 2018) we were allowed to give

  • Justin The Epitome

from England a new home here at our stud!

Well, now we wish you a joyful, exciting, inspiring, inviting journey into our world of

“Emperor Mountains Morgan Horse”!!!

 Elke Mattevi – Müller & Claus Payr
*EMMH* Emperor Mountains Morgan Horse