The first 4 years we work with the horses exclusively with ground work, Roundpen, double lunge and about end of 3 years and if there is time, they are already trained carefully in front of a light carriage. We practice with Dual Activation by Geitner to support the horses mentally, at the age of 4 – 4 ½ years they are slowly getting used to a saddle and a rider. Of course it always depends individually on the horse how far it is in it`s own development.

At the beginning the horses already get uses to a combination of snaffle and bridle, but we also ride bitless.

In our opinion the classical training is very important, through specific training and muscle building the horses have an optimal start into their „work life“ and also the ability to get in balance.

A firm, well trained body, a good condition in connection with well-being and optimal feeding are the foundations for good performances and healthy cooperation with our horses.

Our foals are lovingly, playfully and yet consistently prepared for their learning tasks from day one. Lifting their legs and farrier, getting used to their halter and leading them with the halter are learned early and easily, they all accept this without any problems – they trust!

In „time“ and „calm“, there is the power for a long horse life without overtaxing. If we give our horses the time they need – also to carry us- they will reward us with their health and gratitude.

My conviction is that humans must learn to connect with the horse in „their“ language!

Trust and respect must be worked out “gently” and “equally”, “considerately”, “individually” and “consistently” with a “neutral, human Alphaposition”.

It`s not the horse that makes the mistakes,
it`s the person who “reacts” wrong!